3 Reasons why we claim FEDHEALTH is the best Private Healthcare Medical Aid!

  1. You get unlimited in-hospital cover at any hospital you choose!
  2. You choose what day-to-day savings you need and can afford. And you only repay these savings when you use them!
  3. It is the only medical aid allowing you to control your premium!

Fedhealth pay more health benefits than other medical aids, making your savings last longer and work harder for you!

A medical aid is only the best if it suits most of your needs and that is a very subjective decision, as we all have different needs and wants!

If I tell you why this medical aid plan offers you much more than other schemes, would you seriously consider joining them?

Well then ...consider these benefits:



Most medical aids offer a savings account with which to pay day-to-day costs.
They advance you a sum of money upfront and add a monthly repayment of some of that amount to your premium – every month, from the start. Whether you use the savings or not! So, even if you don’t use the savings, your premium remains the same.
This is really a compulsory loan you cannot refuse!


Fedhealth also allocate a fund of money with which you pay out of hospital costs.

But, unlike other schemes they only require you to repay what you have spent, when you spend it!

Please read How to Create Your Ideal Fedhealth Medical Aid.

They are the only scheme in South Africa that enables you to pay for day-to-day benefits, if and when you actually use them.
And then, you only pay for the portion you use!

You can substantially reduce your premium this way!

If you don’t need to pay day-to-day costs, you don't use your savings and your premium is lower.
In fact it is that of the best hospital only benefit plan! No other medical aid allows you to do this!

Yes, now you can really control your medical aid premium!

If you do need to pay out of hospital costs, you can immediately access your savings and pay them.

It is only now that you repay what you spend, over the next 12-months - interest free. Your premiums will increase by 1/12th of that spend (as you are repaying it over 12-months) until it is paid back.
Then your premium reduces again!

Remember, that with other medical aids, you have to immediately start repaying savings - even if you have not spent them!


If you are healthy with minimal needs for day-to-day benefits, you are really only joining a hospital only plan – BUT have the security of a day-to-day savings fund should you need it.

And only paying a hospital plan premium, until you use your savings!

Fedhealth also give you the highest amount of savings allocation of most medical aids.

They offer a safety net should you run out of savings during the year. With unlimited network GP visits, preventative and basic dentistry and certain other expenses paid by the scheme, you can feel confident you will not run out of cover!

If you want the familiarity and simplicity of a typical medical aid, you can have the identical plan, but with a traditional day-to-day savings fund!

Don’t just believe me – ask for a quote!


fedhealth medical aid


Fedhealth offer cheap medical aid premiums, as you can get discounted rates by using network hospitals or choosing to have a set co-payment on planned hospitalisation.

Yes, get an 11% premium discount simply by using network hospitals!
Get a 25% discount by paying R 12,000 for every planned hospital event!

TIP: If you join the ELECT plan option AND you join a Top Up plan, you will still save premiums over the Any Hospital plan - and have the excess, possible fee shortfalls and procedure co-payments paid!

Emergency hospitalisation is done at ANY hospital, irrespective of your type of plan.

flexiFED is really a hospital plan, BUT with the option of having day-to-day savings should you need them!
And only repaying the savings you use, when you spend them!

Fedhealth medical aid prices.

There are 4 flexiFed Flexible savings options, where you control your savings.

Single member premiums start from
R 1 088 pm. with R 3,900 in savings.

OR, the same 4 flexiFed plans but with fixed savings options.

Single member Premiums start from
R 1 393 pm. with R 9,528 in savings.

All plans offer:

  1. Unlimited hospitalisation.
  2. A safety net for certain day-to-day costs when savings are used.
  3. Preventative screenings and lifestyle assessments (glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI and physical screenings.)

fedhealth materenity medical aidMaternity Cover is a key consideration for many new medical aid members.

Pregnancy and your medical aid cover

Pregnant? Not on medical aid? You might be footing the bill to bring home baby.

Fedhealth offer generous maternity and childhood benefits - especially on the flexFED 2 and 3 plans.

They pay many costs from risk, keeping your savings for other necessary costs!

What is covered by the Fedhealth maternity benefit?

All pregnant members can join the Baby Programme and receive a beautifully designed Fedhealth baby bag filled with baby goodies, and expert advice that can be accessed 24/7.

Members and dependants can also register on the Fedhealth Family Room - an online member portal and join their Baby Bumps community for interesting reads and rewards.

These are some maternity benefits are covered from Risk – (depending on the plan you join.)

  1. Two antenatal scans.
  2. Either 8 or 12 ante- and postnatal consults with a midwife, network GP or gynae.
  3. A doula benefit
  4. A postnatal midwifery benefit
  5. Private ward cover.

Any other maternity expenses are paid from your savings.

Extensive Childhood Benefits are also paid from Risk, such as:

  1. Non referral, Paediatric consults up to either 12 or 24 months of age.
  2. An infant hearing screening test.
  3. Childhood immunisations.
  4. Childhood illness specialised drug benefit for up to 18 years of age.

Other birth options that are covered are home births and the hiring of a water bath.

Fedhealth has over 80 years of excellent medical scheme experience in South Africa.

They pride themselves on being "run by members - for members" and have had a AA- Global Credit Rating with reserves well-over the legislated 25%

They are a very innovative medical scheme and the flexiFed range of plans has revolutionised the medical aid market.

You owe it to yourself and certainly your loved ones to seriously join Fedhealth Medical Aid as your healthcare solution.

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income protectionMedical aid pays healthcare costs.
What if a disability STOPS your income?

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