• Want a cheap medical aid with excellent in private hospital and day-to-day benefits?
  • Want a low cost, affordable premium medical aid to meet your budget?
  • Get the finest medical treatment at a price you can afford.

Here are some medical aid plans from R 439 per month (single member) you should invesigate:

student planSTUDENT PLAN – from 439 pm

There are 2 good, affordable Student Plans and we are here to help you choose and join 1 of them.

Use the link is for the best plans, where you can see the medical benefits, limits, cost and how they work.

These plans offer you private hospitalisation at any hospital you choose and mostly unlimited day-to-day benefits through a network of private providers.

Both plans are recognised by Home Affairs for International study VISA requirements!

Minimum payment will be 6-months - depending upon the term required by your visa - and you need to deposit for that period.

Send me your application and I will process it - sending you the visa certificate - generally within a day!

These are the best student medical aids to seriously consider!

income related poremiumINCOME-RELATED RATES
- from R 905 pm

Medical aids recognise that not everyone earns high salaries and that that should not deny you access to a medical aid.
These plans require you to use providers linked to the medical aid.

For that, you get good in-hospital cover with mostly unlimited day-to-day benefits.

DISCOVERY HEALTH KEYCARE - the biggest, most popular plan in SA!

3 plans offering in and out of hospital benefits, through extensive hospital and GP networks.

Unlimited hospital in the KeyCare Private Hospital Network. Casualty. Guaranteed full cover in-hospital for KeyCare network specialists. Chronic medicine. Comprehensive pre- and postnatal healthcare.

Unlimited KeyCare networks cover for medically appropriate GP consultations, blood tests, X-rays, basic dentistry, eye care and medicine. 2 doctor referred specialist visits per year. Preventative healthcare benefits.

MOMENTUM INGWE PLAN - affordable entry-level cover at network providers.

No overall annual limit in hospital cover. You can choose to use Any hospital, the Ingwe Network of private hospitals (lower premium), or State hospitals (even lower premium).

Network providers for Chronic treatment and day-to-day benefits, such as GP visits or prescribed medicine. A range of preventative care benefits. Baby immunizations, Flu vaccines, Pap smear, Cholesterol test, Antenatal visits, Emergency evacuation etc.

- from R 1,416 pm

Unlimited hospital cover for PMB conditions (and generous limits, per beneficiary, for non-PMB treatment) with specified benefit limits for out-of-hospital services - all at network providers.

Specified day-to-day benefits are paid from day-to-day limit. These cover GP and specialists visits, acute medicines, casualty and emergency services, basic dentistry, optometry, radiology and pathology.

Generous benefits offered during pregnancy, at birth and after birth.

NETWORK HOSPITALS with co-payment for day-to-day costs
- from R 1,400 pm

Unlimited network private hospital with guaranteed full cover for linked, in hospital specialists. Chronic medicine. Pre- and postnatal healthcare services for maternity and early childhood.

Day-to-day cover for GP, medicine, eye and dental check-up and sports-related injuries – with fixed co-payments and/or limits.

hospital planWhy not consider an in-hospital benefit only plan?

The greatest medical financial risk we face is Private Hospitalisation.
So, it is vital you have at least a medical aid hospital benefit plan!

Pay your own day-to-day claims directly or from your own savings.
This is the best way to control your medical aid.

Your savings are yours to spend as you want. You earn interest on any balance. You control the usage. A medical aids savings does not do this!

NETWORK of HOSPITALS ONLY - from R 1,681 pm

Unlimited network private hospital with guaranteed full cover for linked, in hospital specialists. Defined list of procedures in a day surgery. Chronic medicine. Pre- and postnatal healthcare services for maternity and early childhood.

NETWORK of HOSPITAL and preferred chronic providers
- from R 1,642

No overall annual limit for hospitalisation. Guaranteed full cover for linked, in hospital specialists. Chronic medicines. Preventative screening tests, a maternity programme, certain check-ups and more!

- from R 1,255 pm

Only one plan covers these together! Private hospitalisation and related accounts. Certain treatments done in GP surgery. Longer-term treatments like Cancer, Stroke, Organ transplant. Emergency evacuation. Chronic medication. Essential dental costs.

For other ideas, please see: 11 Ways to Reduce Your Medical Aid Premium.

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