The premiums for medical aids are in 2020 have been announced.

How Much More will you be paying for your healthcare plan in 2020?

The largest scheme by far, Discovery Health -with over half the market as members - is increasing premiums by between 9% and 11%!

Bonitas, one of the next largest schemes is increasing by an average of 9,9%!

Fedhealth are increasing by an average of 10.6%!

Most of the other schemes have increased rates around 10%!

hospitalBut, one scheme will not with only a 5,4% increase!

That's around HALF of the industry! And it is the 8th year they have done it!


There are two main areas of high costs you need to meet - Private Hospitalisation and Dentistry.

This scheme pays for both of them and even more!

  1. Hospitalisation for Hospital and Related accounts, e.g. ward fees, medication, X-rays, pathology, etc.

  2. MRI/CT scans both in and out of hospital.

  3. Diagnostic scopes e.g. colonoscopy, gastroscopes.

  4. Major Medical Illness

  5. Medical savings or Self-managed fund for day-to-day costs.

  6. No Provider Networks - the Luxury to choose Any provider of your choice.

  7. Emergency Evacuation.

  8. Generous Dentistry benefits paid by the plan and NOT FROM SAVINGS!

  9. A 24/7 medical helpline service for medical related enquiries.

  10. Chronic medication.

  11. Rates for children are considerably lower than any other scheme.

  12. A very high claims paying ability.

  13. Rated as one of the best value-for-money medical scheme benefit options in South Africa.

  14. The GTC Healthcare Consulting 2018’s Medical Aid Survey.

  15. Lowest contribution increase of all open schemes for 8 consecutive years!

  16. Seriously Affordable medical aid cover.

  17. Priceless Peace of Mind with extensive medical cover and generous benefits.

Why not consider only insuring for your greatest risks - private hospital and dental costs and paying your own day-to-day expenses?

hospitalYes, there is a low risk whilst self-funding, as it does take time for your savings grow,
but once you have a reasonable fund balance, you will be smiling.

The 2 highest medical costs threats we face are private hospitalisation and dentistry.
This is the best hospital only plan to offer cover for both these benefits!

hospital blog

This unique benefit includes:
Three (3) dental oral examinations
6 fillings
Unlimited extractions
6 plain x-rays for conservative dentistry
2 root canal treatments
Crowns, dentures or bridges
Surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth.

All the above in hospital benefits and dentistry benefits - starting from as little as
R 1,255 pm!


Save the difference in premium between this and a comprehensive medical aid plan (in your personal account) and you will see just what a valuable and cost-effective idea this really is!

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Last update: January 4, 2020

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