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Health Squared Medical Aid for Rich Benefits at very Affordable prices!

Spectramed and Resolution combined to form Health Squared Medical Scheme, with more than 40,000 members.
With 9 exiting plan options to give you exceptional value for money, you are certain to find a plan that will suit your needs and wants.

Health Squared offer:

Your road to complete healthcare starts here!

Traditional. In-Hospital with Set Day-to-Day Benefits

ultimate plan
From R 6,945 pm

Complete peace of healthcare with generous, traditionally structured benefits.
Extensive cover for in-hospital as well as day-to-day and chronic needs, this option is ideal for those in search of the ultimate in comprehensive cover.

  • Unlimited hospitalisation at any private hospital
  • Unlimited GP.
  • Extensive specialist cover.
  • Excellent maternity including 9 specialist consultations and elective caesareans.
  • Casualty.
  • Trauma counselling.
  • 59 chronic conditions.
  • Advanced dentistry.
  • Braces for members younger than 38.
  • Preventative care to help your family take proactive care of their health.
  • flexplus plan
    From R 3,367 pm
    (hospital and chronic at any provider).

    From R 2,958 pm
    (hospital and chronic at NETWORK provider).

    The Flex and Flex Plus options were specifically developed around the needs of young and healthy families who need affordable cover without compromising benefits.
    The perfect mix of comprehensive in-hospital cover and more than sufficient day-to-day benefits.

  • Unlimited private hospitalisation.
  • Excellent maternity benefits including 3 specialist visits and 2x2D and 1x3D scan.
  • Casualty.
  • Set Benefits for Day-to-day, including generous cover for GP and specialists..
  • Additional out-of-hospital benefit for:
    Alternative healthcare services, Radiology + pathology, Physiotherapy, Psychology and psychiatric treatment, Speech therapy and audiology.
    Acute and schedule 0-2 (over-the-counter) medication.
  • Advanced dentistry for crowns and bridges.
  • 34 chronic conditions.
  • In-Hospital with Savings for Day-to-Day costs.

    cobalt plan
    From R 8,058 p
    with R 17,400 savings and an additional Benefit Booster amount.

    A quality savings account plus additional Benefit Booster™ for day-to-day care.
    This option is for families in need of extensive in-hospital cover and freedom of choice for day-to-day benefits.

  • Unlimited hospitalisation at any private hospital
  • Investigative and surgical procedures done in consulting rooms.
  • Generous medical savings account for out of hospital costs.
  • Superior oncology cover, including biological therapies.
  • Benefit Booster™ for extra day-to-day cover.
  • Added care for clinic nurse visits.
  • 42 chronic conditions, including a R63 000 for biological entities.
  • Maternity benefits including 10 prenatal midwife visits, 3 2D scans.
  • Preventative care to help your family take proactive care of their health.
  • optimum plan
    From R 5,046 pm
    with R 9,072 savings and an additional Benefit Booster amount.

    Quality traditional healthcare cover with the added feature of a medical savings account.
    Suited to larger or more mature families who are looking for more generous cover and the freedom of choice when it comes to their day-to-day healthcare needs, it offers comprehensive benefits at highly competitive premiums.

  • Unlimited hospitalisation.
  • Investigative and surgical procedures done in consulting rooms.
  • Savings Account for your family’s day-to-day needs.
  • A unique Benefit Booster™ for extra day-to-day cover.
  • 35 chronic conditions and biological entities.
  • Preventative care to help you and your loved ones take proactive care of your health.
  • Excellent maternity benefits including 10 prenatal midwife visits, 3 scans and antenatal classes.
  • advance plan
    From R 3,496 pm

    Suited to young couples wanting to start a family or those who have already added a youngster..
    Exceptional cover at truly affordable rates, ensure your family’s unique healthcare needs are more than covered.

  • Unlimited hospitalisation at any private hospital.
  • MRI, CT scans in and out of hospital.
  • A unique combination of day-to-day and traditional (stated) benefits.
  • Preventative care to keep your family as healthy as possible, for as long as possible
  • Maternity including scans and antenatal classes
  • R20 000 (in and out of hospital), for MRI and CT scans.
  • Preventative care to help you and your loved ones take proactive care of your health.
    millennium plan
    From R 5,941 pm
    with R 10,692 savings and a safety net of R 6,417

    One of the best new generation options, it offers the ideal level of cover for larger or more mature families.
    With its generous savings accounts, excellent in-hospital cover, and affordable premium, it offers:

  • Unlimited private hospitalisation at any hospital.
  • Casualty.
  • No co-payments on tonsillectomy and adenoids.
  • Flexible day-to-day cover with a savings and safety net if savings used.
  • Maternity including 2 x 2D ultrasound scans throughout your pregnancy,
  • Only paying for your first 2 children with the 3rd and subsequent children covered for free.
  • Advanced dentistry benefit.
  • Preventative care benefits for the whole family.
  • 59 chronic conditions including ADHD and Allergic Rhinitis
  • Network Plan

    foundation plan
    From R1,081 pm

    Specifically designed for the corporate market, the option caters for the unique healthcare needs of entry-level staff, at exceptionally affordable rates.

  • Unlimited private hospitalisation for all Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB’s).
  • Unlimited network GP visits and 2 out of network visits.
  • Preventative care benefits for the whole family.
  • Referred Specialist visits.
  • Optometry.
  • Conservative dentistry limit.
  • Home nursing.
  • 29 chronic conditions
  • Maternity including 2 Scans and visits to GP or Midwife.
  • Hospital Plan

    rise plan
    RISE PLAN - From R1,589
    In network hospital only

    Ideal option for the young and healthy who are starting out in life, providing quality hospital cover at most affordable rates.

  • Unlimited hospitalisation in a network hospital.
  • Casualty.
  • 29 chronic conditions.
  • Great maternity benefits that include 2x GP or Specialist visits and 2D scans.
  • Home birth cover.
  • aspire plan
    From R 2,055 pm

    Specifically designed around the needs of young and healthy couples, who are looking for extensive in-hospital benefits, as well as a few added extras.

  • Unlimited hospitalisation at any hospital.
  • 2 x GP consultations per year.
  • Excellent maternity. cover including two 2D scans, midwife or specialist consultations.
  • Generous post-operative care including a 10 day hospice, rehab or step-down facility benefit.
  • 29 chronic conditions.

  • Health Squared also offers:

    • Patient Driven Care - a unique way of offering additional support to those members who sometimes need a helping hand when it comes to taking care of their health.
    • An excellent Maternity Programme.
    • strong>International Travel Cover which covers you for emergency medical treatment while you are travelling outside the borders of South Africa.
    • Agility Rewards - no typical reward benefit levels or points systems make it easy to understand, so you can enjoy the advantages from day one.
      Over 6,000 deals and discounts on everything from shopping, eating out, holiday packages and so much more.
      And best of all the basic rewards programme is yours at NO extra cost!

      Add a small premium and join Agility Rewards Platinum. For simply exercising, travelling, taking good care of your health, golfing or even studying further you can get up to R 37,900 in a cash-back reward.

    • Gym membership discounts!
    • School fee cash back!
    • Education discounts!
    • Preventative care rewards!
    • Chronic illness medication reward!
    • Great discounts on all sorts of travel packages!
    • Golf membership rewards!
    • Shop till you drop with discounted deals galore!
    • Lifestyle assist rewards. Everything from legal matters, financial advice, health and trauma assistance.!

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