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Do I Need a Hospital Plan?

If you want to be able to afford the finest of medical care when you need it, then you certainly need at least a hospital plan.

In South Africa, you unfortunately cannot rely on government care.
The current corona-virus pandemic is causing many people financial problems, with dropping income and in many cases no income at all.

The need for an affordable medical aid is now an extremely important concern that needs to be addressed!

If you have no medical aid...

The Corona virus is not the only reason to join a medical aid. However, it is a real motivator for you to consider joining at least a hospital plan.
Covid-19 has no cure and can cause other severe respiratory complications leading to fairly lengthy isolation and ICU care.

Private healthcare, (because it may become impossible for you to access state care as the facilities become swamped with patients in need of care) is extremely expensive! R 19,290 per day! A week in high care costs upwards of R 66,500!
You can do the math when comparing the cost of a simple hospital plan against the unforeseen costs of two weeks in intensive care!

Can you now see why at least a hospital plan is vital for you and your family?

Before the Corona virus pandemic, the importance of guaranteed access to private hospital care was self-evident. And this has not changed.
Aside from maternity needs, (which can cost upwards of R 40,000) we face the possibility of having to undergo many high-cost procedures such as:

So, tell me you don't need protection against unforeseen and highly expensive hospital costs!

fedhealthIf you are a medical aid member...

You are not alone with your concerns on how to continue paying those high contributions, so you do not lose your valuable cover. Almost all medical aid members are experiencing this concern today.

One option is to choose in-hospital only benefits and pay day-to-day costs yourself.

After all, our highest risk of large, unforeseen medical costs lies with private hospital treatments.
We don't know when they may happen, nor do we know how much they will cost.

The risk of having no hospital cover and having to use South Africa's limited state health care facilities is an extreme concern, especially during the Corona pandemic.

Most medical aid schemes offer hospital only plans.
Naturally the contributions are a lot less that comprehensive benefit plans, which offer in and out of hospital benefits.
So, if you can self-fund your day-to-day costs then a hospital only benefit plan is an ideal alternative to consider.

Here are three schemes to look at ...

They do have "added benefits" to differentiate themselves.

genesis medical aidTheir hospital plan is rated as one of the best hospital plans in South Africa by the GTC Medical Aid Survey: Benefit and cost comparisons.

Genesis offers you:


Genesis does not “authorise” treatment for any admission to hospital. Instead, you are issued with a hospital admission reference number because, nor do they it interfere with any clinical decisions or protocols made by or recommended by your doctor(s).

Premiums from as little as R 1,255 pm for a single member!

This medical aid is really a "hidden gem!"
They are the SMART CHOICE when it comes to affordable, hospital only cover!

momentum medical aidTake charge of your medical cover and costs with your choice of hospital provider.
Save up to R1 000 on per month when you choose to use an Associated provider.

Momentum offers you:

Momentum offer you great cash-back rewards and partner discounts with Multiply.

Make healthier lifestyle choices, so you can reap the benefits like, rewards for being active - up to R3 000 per family per month to help pay for day-to-day healthcare expenses - free yearly health assessment at a Dis-Chem, Clicks or Pick n Pay Pharmacy or Multiply-affiliated pharmacies!

Premiums from as little as R 1,294 pm for a single member.

Momentum Health ranks among the top 3 open medical schemes and are administered by one of the biggest and most credible healthcare solutions companies in South Africa.

fedhealth medical aidThe revolutionary medical aid allowing you to customise your medical aid cover.
All plans offer excellent in-hospital benefits and the safety of day-to-day savings should you choose to use them!
You do not pay for the savings until and unless you use them!
So, if you choose NOT to use the savings, you have a hospital only plan and pay less!

Fedhealth offers you:

Premiums from as little as R 1,341 pm for a single member.

All Fedhealth options are structured to address your unique healthcare needs as they arise.
From generous maternity and childhood benefits for young families, to extensive chronic benefits for older members, or treatment in a casualty ward after falling off a mountain bike for daredevil members… they have you covered.

If any of these options interest you, your next step would be to investigate whether your scheme will allow you to downgrade your plan, if you want to reduce your premium.
All medical AIDS allow a change of plan during a window period at year-end and some will allow a change during the year, with sufficient motivation for such a move.

If a hospital only benefit plan interests you, please contact us.
We can help you at no charge.

If you are not able to change plans, maybe look to an alternative scheme?
Just be aware you could get waiting periods when joining a new scheme, but that may be acceptable when considering no medical aid at all!

Talk to us. After all, we have been in the medical aid business for over 30 years.
We know the options you can consider. And if we don’t we know we will find out for you – quickly!

We deal with a number of medical schemes.
If you appoint us to your medical aid – at no added cost for you – we can investigate this for you!
And give you some ideas and costs you can consider.

Terms and conditions do apply.

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