Let Discovery, pay your Medical Aid premium.

Ensure that if something happens to you, your medical aid premium is protected.

discovery medical aid premiumYOUR healthcare PLAN IS EXPENSIVE!
The average monthly 2018 cost for a family of 4 on a comprehensive plan is R 9,500 pm.
That's R114,000 per year!
Over a 10-year period, you could pay over a MILLION rands in contributions!
(Assuming inflation of only 10% per year and we know medical inflation is way over that).

In fact, most people spend more on medical cover than on life and disability cover. Receiving quality private healthcare is very expensive and continues to rise above consumer inflation levels every year.
YOU don't want to compromise when it comes to your health.
YOU want to be sure that the best care will be available at all times, especially for your family.
You want to Protect Your Medical Aid!

What on earth will you do if you cannot earn an income through an accident or illness disability?
And you will need your medical aid more than ever.
How will your family be able to continue this vital medical cover if your income stops through death?

Well here is the answer!
For a reasonable monthly premium you can ensure that if you (or your spouse) are disabled or die, your medical plan contribution will be paid for 5 or 10-years. You choose.

Your claim covers all members on your medical plan at the time of the life-changing event and will ensure that your family enjoys cover for the plan you belonged to at the time of the life-changing event.
And the claim will pay for the annual increase in your medical aid premium as well.

If you join another medical scheme, you don't lose this valuable benefit. It will pay for your new medical contribution if you are eligible for a claim.


What about the times you pay more in contributions than you claim?
This plan will pay you back some of your excess in contributions over claims in two ways:

A percentage of your unused health risk contribution will, however, be paid back to you every 5 years, through the Discovery PayBack Benefit.
The percentage that accrues each year will depend on your Vitality status at the beginning of each calendar year.


You must be crazy not to seriously consider this benefit.

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Last update: October 20, 2019

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