Thank you for considering Fedhealth Medical Aid

Now you have CHOICE and FLEXIBILITY when choosing a healthcare Plan!
Yes, with the flexiFED range of plans, you can SAVE on medical aid that's made for only you!

Medical aids take 25% of your monthly contribution and place it in a medical savings account which is used to pay for your day-to-day benefits.
They do this BEFORE you have ever used any funds!

Now, for the first time ever, Fedhealth has turned this model around.

FlexiFED allows you to begin paying for day-to-day benefits only when you need them! And you then pay back that amount over 12 months, interest-free!

Here’s the saving for you… normally members are charged for day-to-day benefits from the beginning of the year, regardless of whether they have seen a doctor or purchased medicine or not!

Fedhealth is now the only medical aid to offer you a significantly reduced monthly rate by introducing the MediVault and Wallet way of paying out of hospital costs.

In 3 simple steps, you create a medical aid that suits your needs and pocket!

How it works:

1. Select your family size.

Obviously, a young single member has way different needs than a retired couple.

2. Then choose a CORE benefit from 4 benefit options.

These core benefit bundles – or the basic cover you enjoy - are pre-packed with value-added benefits paid by Fedhealth, not from your savings!

They include - in-hospital, chronic, screening and day-to-day, (which features additional benefits), and a Threshold benefit, should you use all your savings.

Please see the flexiFed brochure.

flexifed1FlexiFED1 is for young people who are single, in a relationship or just married.
* Unlimited hospital cover at network hospitals
* Unlimited network GP and Specialist cover at cost in-hospital
* Unlimited cover for conditions on the Chronic Disease List (CDL) at a provider of your choice and subject to basic formulary
* Women’s, children’s, cardiac and general health risk assessments and screenings
* Benefit Maximiser with unlimited network GP visits and preventative dentistry
* Additional benefits including an option to upgrade any time of the year in the case of a life-changing event, 24-hour Nurse Line, emotional wellbeing programme, etc.
Recommended for its affordable hospital cover.

flexifed2flexiFED 2 is for young families who are just starting up.
* Unlimited hospitalisation at ANY private hospital this plan is ideal for young and growing families.
* Recommended for its maternity 8 pre- and postnatal consultations with a midwife, network GP or gynaecologist.
* 2 x 2D scans; amniocentesis, Elective C-section Good basic dentistry benefits.
* Unlimited nominated network GP consults.

flexifed3flexiFED 3 is for young still growing families.
* Unlimited hospitalisation at ANY private hospital this plan is ideal for young and growing families.
* Recommended for its maternity and basic dentistry benefits.
* Added chronic medicines for Eczema, acne, allergic rhinitis for children
* 2 x 2D scans; antenatal classes, amniocentesis 12 pre- and postnatal consultations with a midwife, network GP or gynaecologist.
* Unlimited nominated network GP consults.

flexifed4flexiFED 4 is for mature families.
* Unlimited hospitalisation at ANY private hospital this plan is ideal for more mature families who want all-round cover.
* Recommended for its threshold benefit once savings are used up.
* Specialised radiology, trauma treatment in a casualty ward benefits.
- Unlimited network GP consults.
* PMB chronic plus 14 additional conditions like eczema for children up to the age of 18, and medicine for acne up to the age of 21 at a provider of choice.

3. Select a discount option if you want one. Yes, you cay lower contributions on your Core Benefit Bundle!

There are 2 options you can consider to reduce your contribution rate...

GRID - if you agree to use a network of private hospitals only, those who choose flexiFED2, 3 and 4 can save up to 11% on their monthly contribution!
(In emergencies, you can use any hospital without having a copayment)
Please check the list of network hospitals to see if there is one you can use - for planned procedures, - before choosing this discount option.

Elect -you can choose to pay a fixed excess of R11 500 on all hospital admissions, (except for emergencies), and get a 25% saving on contributions.
(Please note that this excess applies to the hospital bill only. You could still have copayments on out-of-network specialists, a procedure copayment or shortfalls because benefit limits have been exceeded).
This is where a TOP UP/GAP PLAN is vital!)

All plans offer Day-to-day benefits

Depending upon your unique profile and the core benefit bundle that you choose, a pre-approved amount is placed in your MediVault (savings fund)at the beginning of the year.
You then transfer amounts from this MediValult to your Wallet you when you need to spend them.
The money now works the same as a traditional medical aid savings account, except that you only re-pay it once you transfer it to your Wallet and spend the money.
Repayments are interest-free over the next 12-months.

So, if you don’t use it – you don’t pay for it!!

What if you run out of savings?

There is a safety net, to boost the above benefits.

On flexiFED 1, 2 and 3 you have unlimited network GP visits and limited dentistry benefits.

On flexiFED 4, your claims are added up until they reach a pre-determined threshold level, where-after they will be paid with copayment on all claims.

You have protection against using all your day-to-day funds!

Yes, now you really do have the full flexibility to control your own rates by personalising your option and creating a package of benefits you need - at a price you can afford!

You must read this brochure for comprehensive information.

Instructions on completing the application are in the email quote you have received.

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