What is the Best Dental Plan in South Africa?

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The Finest Dental benefits Plan in South Africa

Here is the ultimate dental cover plan in South Africa, designed to meet all your dental needs.

Starting from R 295 per month, this plan provides comprehensive dental benefits that will put your worries to rest.
Whether you are a medical aid or hospital plan member, this plan enhances both routine and specialised dentistry costs.
Costs that your medical aid may not fully cover.

Medical aids do cover dental expenses, but the benefits are mostly paid from your day-to-day savings fund.
This reduces the funds available for other medical needs.
Worse still, family members share these benefits and that reduces everyone's limits.

The Dental Plan annual benefits are per person on this policy - never shared amongst your family!
This insurance policy acts as a "gap" cover for dentistry claims, helping to protect your savings for other essential medical costs.

The plan also uses a network of registered dentists across the country - covering 85% of all dental practitioners.
You' have a wide choice of experienced dentists to choose from, and you won't have co-payments when being treated.

dental insurance planThere are 3 plans to choose from Gold, Silver or Bronze options.

Join this Dental Insurance Plan which offers every person these tabled benefits - including implants,root canal treatments, wisdom teeth and so much more, ensuring that you receive top-notch care for your dental health.

(Compulsory waiting periods, the limits paid and the number of treatments are indicated.)


dental insurance plan


dental insurance plan


dental insurance plan

Competitively priced, these plans offer a range of benefits that exceed other dental insurance plans.

Benefits for in-hospital wisdom removal, mouth guards, bite plates, Pan Scan, dentures, and implants — a great package compared to most other dental insurance plans available.

This is an insurance plan, not a medical aid (nor a substitute for a medical aid).
For full dental cover you do need a medical aid.


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income protectionMedical aid pays healthcare costs.
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