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Peter J Pyburn

Fully Licenced and Qualified Medical Aid Broker.

We will find you the Right Healthcare Plan!
We have helped people get medical aid for over 25 years and we know medical aid!

Why use Peter Pyburn for your medical aid?

medical aid broker
One hundred years from now
It will not matter
What kind of car I drove
What kind of house I lived in
How much money I had
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I have a wealth of experience in the Medical Aid industry

I have been active for over 3 decades, from working with a prominent medical schemes to forming my own brokerage to provide my clients unbiased advice.

I am here to help you through the complex products of medical aid.

I will assist you find the correct medical aid for your needs, addressing administrative issues, claims, and ongoing membership concerns.

I will explain the benefits and limitations of the plan to you, helping you with your decision-making. There is little I have not been exposed too!

I know medical aid!

peter pyburn

Authority on Medical Aid

I run an independant, unbiased brokerage.
I have registered legal contacts with all the schemes I promote.

I complete on-going Continued Professional Development programmes covering both industry and medical aid specific information, ensuring my knowledge is current. I am up-to-date with plan benefits, limits and costs.

I am personally a medical aid member and fully understand how they work.

I have passed the regulated medical scheme product accreditation assessments for all the schemes I am contracted with.

As such, I have the full authority to conduct a healthcare advisory brokerage.

medical accreditation
broker licence
fpi member


I comply with all licence and regulatory conditions and am fully audited by a Compliance Officer in terms of the Financial Conduct Authority.

I am financially sound and solvent. I meet all the required business conditions pertaining to my license.

I am a fully Approved Financial and Medical Aid Broker.
FSP Licence # 2995 and Council of Medical Aid Accreditation BR 7428

I am a registered broker with professional associations like Masthead and the Financial Intermediaries Association.

My business has never been exposed to any sort of controversy - nor will it ever be.

All communication is by phone, email or fax, ensuring you get immediate assistance - at your convenience.
Everything is in writing, so there is no misunderstanding!

I have extremely fast and unlimited Internet and email access, ensuring prompt servicing from sales to administration. is my unique website on healthcare in South Africa and is fully protected, running the latest security protocols.

I run dedicated Facebook pages for Medical Aid, Life/disability/dread disease, Investments and Pensions.

I am a LinkedIn member with over 1,250 active contacts.

I post regular articles concerning many aspects of your financial life, from managing debt to investing in unit trusts, to medical aid.

Here is my Promotion of Access to Information information.

I am a level 3 Trip Advisor member with over 10,000 readers.

I was interviewed by Summit TV's independant financial advice about practical ways to plan for retirement.

Some of my client feedback ...

Sent: Wednesday, 07 August 2020 16:37
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: URGENT Genesis acceptance:A sincere Thank you
Thank you Peter, you rock! It is solely to you I owe the reduction! Thanks for your good work!
Sent: Friday, 12 July 2020 23:25
To: [email protected]
Subject: Momentum acceptance
Sir, you have no idea how excited I am; all because of your help. I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding service. I will send the letter shortly
Sent: Wednesday, 20 July 201 11:45
To: [email protected]>Subject: Fwd: discovery: Correct Name - xxx L. - xxx - P. Pyburn.
Thank you so much Peter. I appreciate your excellent service.
Kind regards.
Sent: Wednesday, 17 January 2018 17:30
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Student plan
once again thank you so much for your incredible service. I am at present processing my study permit and signing off a contract with my sponsor. but without saying much; the information you have provided me with is 100X helpful. I will keep in touch.
kind regards
From: [email protected]
Sent: Friday, 24 February 2017 13:25
To: [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: Thank you for your contribution - February 2017
Dear Peter, As one of our successful intermediaries and business partners, we would like to thank you for the contribution you made to our business this month. We congratulate you as being one of our top 50 producers in our province for February. We sincerely appreciate your loyalty!
Regards xxx and management.
Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. MMI Group Limited – Trading as Momentum
From: [email protected]
Sent: Tuesday, 26 March 2020 13:01
To: [email protected]
Subject: RE: x. xxxx - ESSENTIAL SMART PLAN MEMBERSHIP NO. xxxxxxxx
Hi Peter, Thank you so much. 😊
I just want to say that you are a great broker, always willing to help and assist where possible, which I appreciate dearly. I know most things are out of your hands but I know I can always count on you to have me sorted out properly.
Good to have you on my side. Hopefully they can sort this issue out for my sister a.s.a.p.

Healthcare is a complicated, but extremely important part of your life.
You cannot expect to fully understand the complicated language used by Medical Schemes!

What medical plan you decide to join can have far-reaching effects on your and your family's finances!
You need to have the best plan to suit your needs and pocket.

So, please use my service - the best licenced broker right here!

I work with my members to help them understand their healthcare plan.
From what benefits the plan offers - to how to claim.
You will no longer have those frustrating concerns when a call centre agent does not fully assist you.

healthcare adviserThe Schemes we work with ...

I have a dedicated team within these schemes.
There to help you get immediate assistance with any queries about your plan.

And all of this - at no added cost!
Yes, a portion of your premium is a broker fee. You pay this even if you never use a broker's services!

So, use us and get the service you deserve.

And, perhaps the most important thing is - you won't have to worry anymore!

medical aid quoteWhat is the cost?

If this is the type of broker you want to work with, then please CONTACT me today!

I agree to receiving medical aid and insurance product marketing by electronic means. Yes

Please send me your informative newsletter on personal finance matters.Yes

whatsapp083 655 2164

You must consult the schemes/company product brochures and rules for comprehensive benefit descriptions.

We will offer you the best help at no cost!

income protectionMedical aid pays healthcare costs.
What if a disability stops your income?

peter pyburn brokerpeter pyburnPeter Pyburn - Authorised Financial Services Provider, fully licensed to render financial services since 1991. Death and Disability Planning; Retirement Planning; Investment Planning; Healthcare and Estate Planning. More...


Council of Medical Schemes

Disclaimer, Medical Disclosure

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