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Medical Aid from Momentum Health will Save You More than
R 1,000

Affordable plans with excellent benefits.

By choosing the hospital, doctors and chemists you want, you can save up to R 1,000 in premium without losing any benefits!
Yes, members on certain healthcare plans pay lower monthly contributions, simply by using the scheme’s associated hospital network.

And you can get further discounts by selecting your chronic medicine supplier!
If you have no chronic medicine needs, then the state chronic option is an extremely attractive option - and by far the cheapest of all!

Regardless of the choice of provider you make, the benefits of the plan remain the same! Enjoy a variety of free preventative care benefits like an annual health assessment, a host of maternity benefits and much more.
And get access to emergency numbers, member details, claims statements and more through your cellphone on the Momentum app.

All this from as little as R 439 pm, depending on the plan you choose!

Choose From 6 Affordable Momentum Health Plans

Any Hospital and Day-to-day Provider

summit planSummit

From R 10,642 pm

extender planExtender

From R 5,231 pm with R 15,696 savings for day-to-day expenses and a safety net from R 23,900 spent.

incentive planIncentive

From R 2,224 pm with R 2,664 savings for day-to-day expenses.

custom planCustom In-hospital ONLY NO DAY-TO-DAY

From R 2,173 pm.

Network Provider Plans

Use hospitals and providers linked to Momentum Health and get discounted rates!
Ingwe rates are based on your income, making it a very affordable plan!

evolve planEvolve - network, hospital only plan

From R 1,345 pm.

ingwe planIngwe - Network provider plan

From R 455 pm.

Free Health Platform.

Encourages health awareness, enhances the quality of life and gives peace of mind through preventative care, early detection, a leading maternity programme, management of certain diseases, health education and advice and emergency cover.
Limited benefits are paid by the scheme and providers are plan dependent.

Benefits are plan specific.

Highly recommended Gap and Top up plan

If you do NOT use a Fedhealth-linked provider, you could have in-hospital shortfalls.

There are also, co-payments for certain in-hospital procedures!
This means your private hospital bill can be significantly short paid.

Consider this excellent Top Up and Gap cover plan to prevent you from having to pay these costs!

You can Also, choose to make use of complementary products* available from Momentum to seamlessly enhance your medical aid. (* available from Momentum Group (Momentum), a division of MMI Group Limited.

These complementary products are not medical scheme benefits. Momentum is not a medical scheme and is a separate entity to Momentum Health.
You can be a member of Momentum Health without taking any of the products that Momentum offers.)

Join Multiply, Momentum's wellness and rewards programme, and get real rewards like discounts and cash-backs from over 60 fantastic partners like Virgin Active, Pick n Pay, Edgars, Jet, CNA, Nu Metro and more!

Earn HealthReturns of up to R3,000 per family per month as well as free GP visits and increased in-hospital cover!

Use HealthSaver to make added provision for healthcare expenses, such as co-payments, cosmetic surgery, refractive eye surgery, and vitamins, as well as your monthly medical aid contribution!

Use your Multiply Visa® Card, so there is no need to wait for a claim to be refunded - you can access your HealthSaver funds instantly to pay healthcare providers, pharmacies and even veterinarians!

The HealthWaiver gives you ongoing cover when you need it most. Should you die, become critically ill or functionally impaired, it will ensure that you/your dependents will continue to enjoy medical cover.

Hello Doctor allows you to talk to a doctor on your phone, anytime, anywhere, in any language - for free, with no service fee!

The Momentum App gives you access to all your products in one place. You can check your HealthSaver balances and HealthReturns earned, as well as submit and track your claims!

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P.S. If you work for a company, pass the Momentum Health Medical Scheme onto your HR I'm sure that they can save your company substantial money. And won't that look good for you!

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