Creating Your Ideal Fedhealth Medical Aid:
A Comprehensive Guide


Understanding Fedhealth Medical Aid Plans.

With so many medical aids schemes on offer, it can be extremely complicated investigating them.
This is your guide to choosing a revolutionary plan with Fedhealth. One that fits perfectly with your needs and budget.

Your 2 greatest areas of high medical expenses are private hospitalisation and dentistry.
Only a medical aid will effectively protect you from these high costs.
But, not all medical aids are created equal.

The Fedhealth advantage

fedhealth flexible medical aid planFedhealth is unique in that they offer a flexible medical aid plan that puts you in control.

The one-size-fits-all approach of standard plans often leads to unnecessary expenses and wasted money sitting in savings accounts.

Medical aids add a portion of savings repayment to your monthly premium, whether you spend savings or not.

Why pay for benefits you seldom use?

Benefits to meet your needs

Fedhealth lets you create a plan that meets your unique health needs. Say goodbye to paying for services you don't need.
If you have the ability to manage your own out of hospital costs, you have the potential of saving premium in a medical aid.

Lower Your Premiums

By joining a hospital plan (at a lower premium), and adding an optional day-to-day savings fund - that you repay only when you spend from it - you can control your medical aid cost.

Most medical aids also offer savings, but they demand a monthly repayment of that fund - whether you spend from it or not.
This means you're paying for services you're not using.

Day-to-Day Savings

Is your hard-earned money tied up in a medical aid plan, where you have limited control over how it's used?

This is where Fedhealth sets itself apart, because you have the unique opportunity to structure your medical aid plan according to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive excellent benefits while also having control over your costs.

When you do not need to pay day-to-day costs, your premium remains that of a lower cost hospital plan. This avoids you paying into a savings fund that you are not using. But, it is still there should you have unexpected costs to pay. And only then will you start paying for that benefit.

Choose ...

1. A hospital plan that's right for you.

fedhealth flexible medical aid hospital planHospital cover is the foundation of any medical aid option.
It is your protection against the big expenses that can financially hurt you.

There are 5 core HOSPITAL plans to choose from, providing you with in-hospital benefits, chronic benefits, screening benefits and additional benefits.

All core benefit bundles come pre-packed with value-added benefits paid from Risk (the scheme), not from savings.

You can chooses to join any of the plans.

2. An additional discount.

fedhealth medical aidAll plans cover hospitalisation at ANY hospital (except SAVVY and flexiFED 1 which use listed hospitals).

GRID plans offer full cover using listed hospitals. Use any hospital in an emergency.
There is an 10% premium discount for joining this option.

ELECT plans offer full cover at any private hospital with a R 14,700 fixed excess for planned procedures. No excess for emergencies.
There is a 25% discount when joining this option!

TIP: Consider joining a GRID or ELECT plan as well as a Top-up/GAP plan.
It is very possible that the discount saving, will fund the Top Up!

So, you will save premiums over the standard plan and have the excess, possible fee shortfalls and procedure co-payments paid by the top up!
It is unlikely you will discover a better deal anywhere else!

3. How you want to use your day-to-day savings.

fedhealth flexible medical aid hospital plan

Hospital plan.

You may only want an in-hospital plan, and to self pay you day-to-day benefits. This plan is ideal because - even though you join an in-hospital only plan you get:

It’s so much more than your average hospital plan!

fedhealth fixed medical aid plan

flexiFED FIXED - Comprehensive medical aid.

This is medical aid as you’ve known it for years with traditional, upfront day-to-day savings allocated to you at the beginning of the year.

Single member Premiums start from
R 1,365 pm. with R 4,800 in savings.

fedhealth fixed medical aid plan

flexiFED FLEXIBLE - Hospital plan and pay-as-you-go day-to-day savings.

This is the Fedhealth game changer . . . a hospital plan, with the option of day-to-day savings in case you need them.

Medical aid savings funds are like a compulsory loan. Many plans require you to contribute to a day-to-day savings fund from day one, regardless of whether you use it or not. This fund is automatically factored into your premium, essentially making it a non-negotiable expense.

Fedhealth – a refreshing alternative. Unlike other providers, Fedhealth doesn't impose a compulsory savings repayment from. Instead, you only start repaying what you've actually used from your savings.
No interest, and it's spread over the following 12-months.

You only pay for what you use. No repayments for unused savings.
This means a meaningful reduction in your overall medical aid premium.
Why pay for something you haven't even used?

Single member Premiums start from R 965 pm. with R 6,000 in savings.

Choose Fedhealth – where your savings work for you, not the other way around!

How the savings work ...

fedhealth flexible medical aid planThe amount of savings in the FLEXIBLE option is greater than that in the FIXED option.

This is especially important for those who run out of the “traditional” savings during the year, as you can switch to the Flexible plan (with its higher savings allocation) at anytime!

No other medical aid offers this ability to "extend" the buying power of your savings!

Only Fedhealth allows you to upgrade your plan at any time!

You don’t have to join an expensive, high benefit plan today, just because you think you may need it in the future.
With Fedhealth, join a lower option - safe in the knowledge that should you suffer a life-changing event, you can immediately upgrade to a plan that will help you when you need it.

Buy the cover you need now, not on a “what if in the future” basis like with other schemes!
No other medical aid offers that benefit!

The 5 flexiFED plans

medical aid quote What is the cost?

Go here for more information.

fedhealth applicationFedhealth Application

top-upPrivate healthcare providers can charge up to 500% of medical scheme rates.
Medical aids add procedure co-payments as well.
These are significant concerns for medical aid members.

Protect yourself against these potential threats, by joining a GAP or top-up insurance plan.

This separate insurance will cover most in-hospital claim shortfalls and any co-payments. It is a vital safety net, ensuring you have adequate benefits for medical treatments without bearing the full burden of unexpected costs.

Protect yourself from soaring medical expenses by bridging the gap between medical scheme rates and the charges imposed by private providers.

dentalSpecialised Dental treatments can be extremely expensive!
The costs of braces, root canal, implants and so on, can run into thousands of rand. Most treatments are done out of hospital, so are funded from your savings. That can result in less money available for other medical needs and family limits being used on one member only!

Dental treatment is something we all need and it is vital you consider the Best Dental Insurance Plan in South Africa.

No Medical Aid or have a Hospital Plan only? This plan will help you meet the high costs of both normal and specialised dentistry!

Ask Yourself “WHY?”

Then ask yourself why you haven’t switched to Fedhealth yet?

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Send me your questions and concerns. I'll answer them for you.

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income protectionMedical aid pays healthcare costs.
What if a disability stops your income?

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