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fedhealthWhy You Should Join Fedhealth Medical Aid.

Fedhealth Medical Aid is truly an exceptional medical aid because they really do offer the best, affordable, unique, value-added benefits of any medical scheme in South Africa!
Their healthcare plans will meet all your needs!

This is the only medical aid that allows you to control your premium, while keeping the best benefits available!

The finest, unlimited hospital cover (at any hospital) with the option of a day-to-day savings account that you repay -

medical aid and covid19

What options to fund COVID-19 vaccines for Fedhealth members is the scheme considering?

Becsause the primary role is the funding of medical services and medication for members, Fedheaslth will ensure that all members and dependents will be coverd by the vaccine once available. It is presumed costs of this will be paid by the scheme and subject to the government roll-out plan.

And this is how they do it ...

Most Medical aids offer in-hospital benefits, paid by the scheme and out of hospital costs (paid by you through a savings account in the plan). A scheme then advances you a year’s worth of savings when you start with them and immediately take a monthly re-payment amount, of that advanced fund, whether you use the savings or not!
It is really a compulsory loan you cannot refuse!

Fedhealth DON’T DO THIS!
You are not restricted to a one-size-fits-all medical aid.
No ways … because you can personalise your cover to suit your needs!

1. The Flexible plan.

You have a choice when you start paying for your day-to-day medical benefits!
Yes, you only start repaying the amount that you have spent, interest free, when you start using your savings fund!

So, delay using your day-to-day savings or never use it at all, (but have the confidence money is available when you need it) and your premium will always be at the lowest rate!

This is the same as having the best hospital only benefit plan, (which is already a cheaper option), but with a safety net of easily accessible money for out of hospital costs, should you need it.

If you do not use your savings, you do not pay for it!

This is surely the best way to control your medical aid cost because:

  • You do not pay for day-to-day benefits until you use them. This can save you thousands of rand monthly!
  • You pay less, yet get the same quality of benefits as the traditional plan!
  • You are in full control over your medical aid premium!
  • You have 1 debit order a month, made up of both benefits!
  • You do not lose money you have not spent as it transfers to your next year of cover!

2. The Fixed plan.

Should you be concerned about managing your savings fund yourself, DO NOT FEAR, for you can join the same plan and let the scheme take care of the admin - as with current medical aids.

This plan:

  • is simple and secure and you know upfront how much of the savings fund you have for the year!
  • starts repaying that "loan" once you receive it, so your monthly premium never change!.
  • has 1 debit order per month!
  • has no added admin. They manage your funds automatically!
  • transfers any left over savings to your next year of cover!

fedhealth medical aid savings

There is also a safety net whereby, if you spend a pre-defined amount of your savings, further claims for certain treatments are paid by the scheme and not from your savings!

Yes, Fedhealth will pay for:

  • unlimited GP visits at nominated network GPs!
  • preventative dentistry benefits at contracted dentists including x-rays, scaling and polishing!

Consider this ... A single member in 2021, with the leading medical aid can get a comprehensive plan for R 3,290 pm.
It has a R 9,864 savings account for out of hospital costs.

BUT, Fedhealth has a plan for R 2,500 pm and has savings of R 10,224 for out of hospital costs!
That’s over R 9,000 per year cheaper!
With very similar benefits!

Yes, if you spend savings you will increase the next premium, as you then have to start to pay back the savings you have used
But with your good management, just look at what you could save!

If you prefer the simplicity and familiarity of the traditional medical aid, they have the identical plan that works the same way as all South African medical aid savings funds work.
Your full annual saving allocation is ready for use from the start.

But, that's not all! There are further discounted premiums on offer as well!

If you are prepared to use listed hospitals (except in an emergency when you can use any facility), you can get an 11% discounted premium!

If you are prepared to have a co-payment of R 12,500 when being admitted to any hospital (except in an emergency) you can get an 25% discounted premium!

Now when you compare premiums, Fedhealth is a mighty R 17,000 per year less!
Use some of these savings to join a Top Up plan and the excess is paid for! And you will still pay less!

With careful management and Fedhealth, you have a huge opportunity to reduce your medical aid costs over a year!
No doubt about it, this is a truly exceptional value-for-money medical aid!

Fedhealth Medical Aid is the ONLY scheme where, if you do not use your day-to-day savings, your premium is reduced!

Fedhealth pays more than other medical aids!

Just look at their HOSPITAL BENEFITS.

  1. No overall annual limit private hospital cover, for emergencies and planned procedures.
  2. Unlimited network GP and Specialist covered at cost in-hospital.
  3. Treatment for selected procedures in a day ward, day clinic or doctors’ rooms.
  4. Unlimited Specialised radiology.
  5. Unlimited accident and emergency treatment.
  6. Emergency treatment at a trauma unit of a clinic or hospital, like stitches and broken bones – whether you’re admitted to the hospital or not.
  7. Costs paid for treatment at a clinic or hospital with a life- threatening condition where you are admitted immediately for further treatment.
  8. If medicines are not readily available Fedhealth will arrange for medicine or blood products to be delivered to the facility where you are being treated.
  9. Unlimited maternity covered at cost with network GPs and specialists.
  10. Specialised radiology, like MRI/ CT scans done in or out of hospital, is paid by the scheme and not you!

Now look at their out of hospital (day-to-day) benefits ...

  1. Fedhealth offer the highest allocation of saving funds of medical aids.
  2. Unlimited network GP visits once your savings are used. With over 4,600 network GP’s there is sure to be one near you.
  3. Cover for 30 days follow-up treatment (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, ultrasounds, general radiology and pathology) after discharge from hospital.
  4. Upgrade to a higher option within 30 days of a life-changing event, like a pregnancy or the diagnosis of a dread disease.
  5. Only pay for up to three children, the rest are covered for free!
  6. Child rates up to age 27.
  7. Additional chronic benefit for children up to the age of 18 for kids with asthma and eczema.
  8. 24-hour toll-free Nurse Line.
  9. Four consultations with a midwife in- and out-of-hospital.
  10. Doula up to R3 000 per delivery.
  11. Paediatric consultations without referral up to 12 months old.
  12. One test with an audiologist per infant.
  13. Access to Paed-IQ advice line for paediatric questions.
  14. Childhood immunisations.
  15. Fedhealth Baby Programme.
  16. Female contraception.
  17. Taxi service transports you to follow-up medical treatments after a hospital stay (only certain regions).
  18. Emotional Wellbeing Programme support line.
  19. Childhood illness specialised drug benefit for children up to 18.
  20. In-hospital dentistry for children under 7.
  21. Screening benefit – pays for many screening tests, preventative benefits and wellness assessments, ensuring your health is on the right track.

Please note, benefits depend on the plan you join.

Other Benefits

  1. 24-hour medical advice and evacuation from Europ Assistance.
  2. Qualified nurses will give telephonic advice in any emergency situation - get information that may save a life while the medical team is on its way to the scene of the incident.
  3. Emergency road or air response: vehicles and aircraft are manned by professional healthcare personnel and are equipped with the most appropriate equipment needed for medical emergency treatment.
  4. Initially you’ll be transferred to the nearest, most appropriate medical facility for treatment. When you are well enough to transfer to a medical care facility closer to home, this will be arranged.
  5. Delivery of medication/blood in an emergency.
  6. Patient monitoring.
  7. Care for stranded minors or frail companions.

Managed Care Programmes

  1. Aid for AIDS (AfA) unlimited cover for HIV/Aids treatment and preventative medicine.
    Over and above the payment of the necessary medicine and pathology claims, it includes clinical and emotional support on how to manage the condition.
    Members are routinely called by counsellors to check how they are doing, and receive reminders when they are due for blood tests.
  2. Oncology Disease Management an oncology benefit supported by highly skilled healthcare professionals who work in conjunction with your doctor to ensure that the treatment you receive is both clinically appropriate and cost-effective.
    Access to the Independent Clinical Oncology Network (ICON) for chemotherapy, radiotherapy and associated medicine, specialised radiology (e.g. CT scans, MRIs, angiography, radio-isotopes, PET scans, surgery, hospitalisation, consultations and visits. Terminal care and private nursing,
  3. Conservative Back and Neck Rehabilitation. intervention for qualifying members suffering from back and neck problems. Principle of active muscle reconditioning, supported by scientific clinical studies showing that exercise reduces pain and can normalise function in many instances.
  4. Mental Health.
  5. Emotional Wellbeing.
  6. Weight Management.

Fedhealth Medical Aid the ONLY scheme where, if you do not use your day-to-day savings, your premium is reduced!!

Maybe it is time YOU join the Medical Aid Revolution with Fedhealth?

3 Simple Steps to Create a Your Personal Fedhealth Medical Aid!

The flexiFED Range of plans.

flexiFED1 is for young people who are single, in a relationship or just married.

  • Unlimited hospital cover in network hospitals.
  • Unlimited network GP and Specialist at cost in-hospital.
  • Treatment for selected procedures in a day ward, day clinic or doctors’ rooms.
  • Unlimited cover for listed Chronic conditions at any provider, subject to basic medicine list.
  • Women’s, children’s, cardiac and general health risk assessments and screenings.
  • Safety net with unlimited network GP visits and preventative dentistry.
  • Proactive screening benefits.
  • Upgrade plan any time of the year, 24-hour Nurse Line, emotional well-being programme etc.
  • Recommended for its affordable hospital cover.

From R 1,393 pm with R 9,520 for out of hospital costs.

flexiFED2 is for young families who are just starting up.

  • Unlimited hospitalisation at ANY private hospital.
  • Treatment for selected procedures in a day ward, day clinic or doctors’ rooms.
  • 8 pre- and postnatal consultations with a midwife, network GP or gynaecologist.
  • 2 x 2D scans; amniocentesis, Elective C-section.
  • Good basic dentistry benefits.
  • Unlimited nominated network GP consults.
  • Proactive screening benefits.
  • Recommended for its maternity benefits.

From R 1,871 pm with R 10,140 for out of hospital costs.

flexiFED3 is for young still growing families.

  • Unlimited hospitalisation at ANY private hospital.
  • Treatment for selected procedures in a day ward, day clinic or doctors’ rooms.
  • Added chronic medicines for Eczema, acne, allergic rhinitis for children
  • 2 x 2D scans; antenatal classes, amniocentesis 12 pre- and postnatal consultations with a midwife, network GP or gynaecologist.
  • Unlimited nominated network GP consults.
  • Recommended for its maternity and basic dentistry benefits.
  • Proactive screening benefits.

From R 12,117 pm with R 11,352 for out of hospital costs.

flexiFED 4 is for mature families.

  • Unlimited hospitalisation at ANY private hospital.
  • Specialised radiology, trauma treatment in a casualty ward.
  • Treatment for selected procedures in a day ward, day clinic or doctors’ rooms.
  • Unlimited nominated network GP consults.
  • PMB chronic plus 14 additional conditions like eczema for children up to the age of 18, and medicine for acne up to the age of 21 at a provider of choice.
  • Recommended for its threshold benefit.
  • Proactive screening benefits.

From R 3,806 pm with R 12,252 for out of hospital costs.

The maxiFED Range of plans is recommended for those of a more mature age and gives peace of mind that most of your healthcare needs will be met.

maxiEXEC Comprehensive option.

High in-hospital, chronic, screening, day-to-day cover covered by the core benefit.

From R 6,816 pm with R 10,560 for out of hospital costs.

maxiPLUS Comprehensive option with even higher day-to-day savings.

High in-hospital, chronic, screening, day-to-day cover covered by the core benefit.

From R 10,772 pm with R 15,942 for out of hospital costs.

Fedhealth pay more from Risk than other schemes, meaning your day-to-day medical savings last longer.

Highly recommended Gap and Top up plan

If you do NOT use a Fedhealth-linked provider, you could have in-hospital shortfalls.

There are also, co-payments for certain in-hospital procedures!
This means your private hospital bill can be significantly short paid.

Consider this excellent Top Up and Gap cover plan to prevent you from having to pay these costs!

Sanlam Reality

A lifestyle, wellness, rewards and financial education programme available to all Fedhealth medical aid members.
Free membership of the Sanlam Reality Access option, with benefits like free international travel insurance and accident cover for your pets.

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