Medical aid Fedhealth.

Best, affordable, unique scheme.

Value-added benefits for plans that pay more than other schemes!

Fedhealth is leading the way in controlling medical aid savings accounts!
Not having control over your money in a day-to-day savings account is something of the past!

Now you have CHOICE and FLEXIBILITY when choosing a healthcare Plan!

Yes, you can SAVE on medical aid that's made for only you!

Why be forced into broad categories and have to join complex options, where you pay for day–to–day benefits upfront - even before you have spent a cent?
They don't meet your needs anyway.

Medical aids take 25% of your monthly contribution and place it in a medical savings account which is used to pay for day-to-day benefits. Whether you claim or not!
Fedhealth has turned this model around!

FlexiFED allows you to begin paying for day-to-day benefits only when you need them.
Only when you need your out of hospital savings to pay claims, do you then have 12 months - interest-free - in which to pay them back!

Here’s the saving for you ... normally members are charged for day-to-day savings from the beginning of the year, regardless of whether they have claims or not!

Fedhealth is now the only medical aid to offer members a significantly reduced monthly rate by introducing the MediVault and Wallet way of paying out of hospital costs.

The flexiFED range gives you more control, flexibility and choice over your medical aid plan.
And the chance to save on your monthly contributions!

Join the 2019 Medical Aid Revolution with Fedhealth!

3 Simple Steps to Create a Your PERSONAL Medical Aid!

create your plan

1. You select a CORE benefit to meet your family size. Obviously, a young single member has different needs to a retired couple, so there are 4 benefit options to consider. – See the Brochure.

These CORE benefit bundles come pre-packed with value-added benefits paid by Fedhealth, not from your day-to-day savings fund!

The basic cover you enjoy – includes in-hospital, chronic, screening and day-to-day, with additional benefits.
It includes a safety net, should you use your savings.

2. You can save 11% of your monthly contribution by selecting the Network Hospital Option (GRID)
- or you can save 25% by limiting yourself to a smaller hospital network
- or just by paying an R11 500 excess for planned procedures
at a hospital of your choice.

In the event of an emergency or accident, you can still use a private hospital of your choice.

3. All plans offer Day-to-day benefits.
Based on your unique profile and the core benefit bundle you choose, a pre-approved amount is then placed in your individual savings fund or MediVault at the beginning of the year.

You then transfer amounts from this MediValult to your Wallet you when you need them.

The amount is not pro-rated - even if you only join in August you’ll have the same amount available as you would have in January - and it works the same as a traditional savings account, except that you only repay what you use, once you transfer to your Wallet and spend that money.

Your repayments are interest-free over a 12-month rolling period, from the date you first access them. So, if you don’t use it – you don’t pay for it!

Fedhealth Also, offers a Benefit Maximizer, to boost your savings.

On flexiFED 1, 2 and 3 you have unlimited network GP visits and defined dentistry benefits - even after your day-to-day savings have been used.

flexiFED4 has a standard threshold-level benefit and once your claims add up to this limit, they pay certain claims (with a small copayment) for the rest of that year.

Yes, now you really do have the full flexibility to control your own rates by personalising your option and creating a package of benefits you need - at a price you can afford!

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fedhealth flexifed1
flexiFED1 is for young people who are single, in a relationship or just married.
  • Unlimited hospital cover in network hospitals.
  • Unlimited network GP and Specialist at cost in-hospital.
  • Unlimited cover for listed Chronic conditions at any provider, subject to basic medicine list.
  • Women’s, children’s, cardiac and general health risk assessments and screenings.
  • Safety net with unlimited network GP visits and preventative dentistry.
  • Upgrade plan any time of the year, 24-hour Nurse Line, emotional wellbeing programme etc.
  • Recommended for its affordable hospital cover.
  • From R 1,208 pm with R 2,700 for out of hospital costs.

    fedhealth flexifed2
    is for young families who are just starting up.
  • Unlimited hospitalisation at ANY private hospital.
  • 8 pre- and postnatal consultations with a midwife, network GP or gynaecologist.
  • 2 x 2D scans; amniocentesis, Elective C-section.
  • Good basic dentistry benefits.
  • Unlimited nominated network GP consults.
  • Recommended for its maternity benefits.
  • From R 1,565 pm with R 3,600 for out of hospital costs.

    fedhealth flexifed3
    flexiFED3 is for young still growing families.
  • Unlimited hospitalisation at ANY private hospital.
  • Added chronic medicines for Eczema, acne, allergic rhinitis for children
  • 2 x 2D scans; antenatal classes, amniocentesis 12 pre- and postnatal consultations with a midwife, network GP or gynaecologist.
  • Unlimited nominated network GP consults.
  • Recommended for its maternity and basic dentistry benefits.
  • From R 1,721 pm with R 3,900 for out of hospital costs.

    fedhealth flexifed4
    flexiFED 4 is for mature families.
  • Unlimited hospitalisation at ANY private hospital.
  • Specialised radiology, trauma treatment in a casualty ward.
  • Unlimited nominated network GP consults.
  • PMB chronic plus 14 additional conditions like eczema for children up to the age of 18, and medicine for acne up to the age of 21 at a provider of choice.
  • Recommended for its threshold benefit.
  • From R 2,274 pm with R 5,700 for out of hospital costs.

    THE maxiFED RANGE gives you peace of mind that most of your healthcare needs will be met.
    Recommended for those of a more mature age.

    maxiEXEC comprehensive option.

    High in-hospital, chronic, screening, day-to-day cover covered by the core benefit.

  • Unlimited GP visits at Network GPs once savings are depleted.
  • Unlimited specialised radiology, with a copayment.
  • Trauma treatment at a casualty ward, with a copayment.
  • A Medical Savings Account for day-to-day expenses and a Threshold benefit (with copayment) should you run out of funds.
  • 51 chronic conditions from a pharmacy of your choice.
  • Professional and extreme sports cover for injuries sustained during sporting activities.
  • From R 5,336 pm with R 9,024 for out of hospital costs.

    maxiPLUS comprehensive option with even higher day-to-day savings.

    High in-hospital, chronic, screening, day-to-day cover covered by the core benefit.

  • Unlimited GP visits at Network GPs paid from risk never from savings!
  • Unlimited specialised radiology paid.
  • No procedure copayments.
  • Unlimited specialised radiology.
  • 65 chronic conditions from a pharmacy of your choice.
  • A Medical Savings Account for day-to-day expenses and a Threshold benefit should you run out of funds.
  • From R 8,354 pm with R 14,243 for out of hospital costs.

    Fedhealth pays more from Risk than other schemes, meaning your day-to-day medical savings last longer.

    fedhealth unique benefits


  • Female contraceptives paid!
  • Child rates for financially dependent children up to 27 years of age!
  • Immediately upgrade to a higher plan, if you are diagnosed with a chronic condition or life-changing event!
  • Baby Programme now Also, supports a Doula during labour!
  • Newborn and child immunisation and hearing test!
  • Post-natal midwifery
  • 24-Hour Nurseline!
  • Comprehensive managed care programmes
  • Screening Benefit covering specific women's, children's and cardiac health, as well as wellness and preventative screenings.
  • Free flu vaccinations.

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    FEDHEALTH BROCHURE- FEDHEALTH MEDICAL AID is really worth investigating!


    If you do NOT use a Fedhealth-linked provider, you could have in-hospital shortfalls. There are Also, copayments for certain in-hospital procedures!

    This means your private hospital bill can be significantly shortpaid.

    Consider this excellent TOP UP and GAP COVER plan to prevent you from having to pay these costs!


    A lifestyle, wellness, rewards and financial education programme available to all Fedhealth medical aid members.
    Free membership of the Sanlam Reality Access option, with benefits like free international travel insurance and accident cover for your pets.


    P.S. If you work for a company, pass the Fedhealth Medical Scheme onto your HR I'm sure that Fedhealth can save your company substantial money.
    And won't that look good for you!

    You must consult the schemes/company product brochures and rules for comprehensive benefit descriptions.

    We will offer you the BEST HELP FOR FREE!

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