Discovery Health Medical Aid has a total of 23 plans - all with unlimited private hospital cover, out of hospital benefits and full cover in extensive healthcare networks!

It is certainly the finest medical aid for you and your family to join and you are sure to find a healthcare plan to meet your needs and pocket!
Find out more on these great plans and how to join them!

Discovery Health Medical Aid is South Africa’s most-loved scheme.
No wonder it is rated #1!

Affordable contributions - which are on average 16.4% lower than other South African medical schemes - give you real value for money!

Advanced digital health technology allows you smooth, instant support, 24/7.

Industry-leading financial stability gives you the peace of mind that your claims will be paid and the company is solvent.

Access to wide-ranging and unique benefits, care programmes and services that ensure you and your doctor can access the best healthcare available when you need it.

Access to the world’s leading science-based wellness programme, Vitality.

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What Discovery Medical Aid offers you.
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The best hospital benefits

No overall limit hospital cover with every plan.

Use any private hospital on most plans.

Use network hospitals and get discounted rates!

Cover includes the hospital, admitting doctor, anaesthetist and any other approved healthcare professional accounts.

Full cover when you use linked doctors, specialists and other healthcare professionals!

Emergencies are covered in full.

Full cover for a defined list of procedures done in network day surgeries!

day to day

Day to day savings

On selected plans, day-to-day medical expenses (like GP, specialist consultations, medicine, radiology and pathology) are paid from a savings fund.
Unused funds carry over to the next year.

The Smart plans offer unlimited network benefits (through a network of GP's) with a copayment when you use them.

The KeyCare plans offer primary care through a network of GPs.


Chronic benefits

All the plans cover approved medicine for the PMB Chronic Disease List conditions. Certain plans cover additional conditions.
Use network providers and get full cover and have your medicine delivered to your door!

DiabetesCare and HIVCare programmes, together with your Premier Plus GP, will help you manage your specific chronic conditions.

You have unlimited cancer cover.

Day to day Extender Benefit

Kicks in when your savings are used. Discovery Health will pay further costs for essential network healthcare services.

Depending on your plan, you can get full cover for GP consultation fees, blood tests, preferred day-to-day medicine, antenatal consultations, kids casualty visits, video call consultations with paediatricians and some external medical items.

Above Threshold Benefit

Certain plans have a safety net that gives you further day-to-day cover.
Once your claims add up to your threshold, Discovery Health pay the rest of your claims for that year - depending on your plan limits.

Maternity Benefit

All plans offer comprehensive maternity and early childhood benefits, paid by the scheme.

Screening and Prevention Benefit

You and your children have access to cover that tests for detection and early warning signs of serious illness.
International Second Opinions - for life-threatening and life-changing conditions.

International Travel Benfit

Africa Evacuation Benefit

Overseas Treatment cover - for treatments that not covered in South Africa.

Home-based Care - quality care in your home.

Comapssionate Care Benefit

A defined list of the Latest Treatments

Discounted Optical Frames and Lenses

Additional Benefits for allied, therapeutic, psychology services and extended medical items.

Non-invasive Pre Natal Testing and newborn screening.


Vitality is the world’s leading science-based behavioural-change programme that encourages and rewards you for leading a healthier lifestyle and for driving well.

Benefits from joining VITALITY are:

Save up to 100% on your monthly gym fees!

Up to 35% savings when you travel. PLUS, save up to 100% on two local flights a year!

Up to R1 000 cash back per family each month for buying HealthyFood

Up to 50% of your fuel spend rewarded!

Half-price movies, PLUS kids watch for FREE!

Up to 25% off Uber trips

Weekly rewards ranging from coffees and smoothies to dream holidays with Vitality Active Rewards!

Discovery Credit Card is a Visa card that gives you access to the rewarding world of Discovery Miles.
Use it everywhere you shop and enjoy great rewards from a wide range of partners in our network.It's been proven that Vitality members live longer than non-Vitality members!

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Benefits are plan dependent.

Check these PLAN BENEFIT VIDEOS: (they offer a brief benefit explanation of each plan).


The most extensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day benefits with extended chronic medicine cover and an unlimited Above Threshold Benefit.

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Comprehensive cover for in-hospital and day-to-day cover with extended chronic medicine cover and an unlimited Above Threshold Benefit.

comprehensive planBrochure


Cost-effective in-hospital cover, essential chronic medicine cover and day-to-day benefits with a limited Above Threshold Benefit.

priority planBrochure

SAVER SERIES - From R1,915

The most economical in-hospital cover, essential chronic medicine cover and day-to-day benefits through a Medical Savings Account.
These plans are amongst the lowest cost Hospital and Savings plans in SA!

saver planBrochure

CORE SERIES - From R1,543

A value-for-money hospital plan that provides unlimited private hospital cover and essential cover for chronic medicine with no day-to-day cover.

core planBrochure

SMART SERIES - From R1,285

The most cost-effective in-hospital cover, essential chronic medicine cover plus limited day-to-day cover if you're willing to use providers in a specified network.

smart planBrochure


Affordable medical cover if you're willing to use providers in a specified network for both in-hospital and out-of-hospital treatment.
Best, ideal, affordable plan for pensioners and families on a strict budget.

keycare planBrochure

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P.S. If you work for a company, pass the Discovery Health Medical Scheme onto your HR I'm sure that Discovery Health can save your company substantial money.
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You must consult the schemes/company product brochures and rules for comprehensive benefit descriptions.