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Ingwe is the Best Network Medical Aid Plan where you can use ANY PRIVATE HOSPITAL

OR use an listed network hospitals and get DISCOUNTED CONTRIBUTION!!

By using provider networks, you get a discounted premium (based on what you earn) FROM just R 439 pm!

momentum igwe medical aid planIn-hospital benefits

You have life-threatening (car accident, stroke, heart attack etc.) and life-sustaining (cancer, kidney etc.) cover.

day-to-day ingwe medical aid benefitsDay-to-day benefits - No savings - there are listed benefits and limits.

ingwe chronic illnessChronic conditions

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The Health Platform Benefit

A unique benefit that encourages health awareness, enhances the quality of life and gives you peace of mind through:

Benefits like:


A leading loyalty programme that rewards you for good health practices. Get cash-back and discounts at a range of partners and online.
The more points you earn, the better your status and the greater your rewards.

Click on the buttons below to download a list of network (depending upon your plan of choice) GP's in your area...

Primary Network Providers

Active Network Providers

day-to-day medical aid benefitsWhat Momentum Health Ingwe medical Aid costs:

Premiums are based upon your income, so you enjoy the same benefits as other members - regardless of your earnings! The highest income of either adult members is used. Please look at the relevant bracket in the quote.
That is your contribution.

You need to prove your income by completing an income form and submitting 3-months payslips and bank statements.

Premiums from R 439 pm for a single member !!

momentum health medical aid application

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Apply online or download - Momentum Health application

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