• Are you wanting to compare your current benefits with another medical scheme?
  • Do you have endless problems with the administration of your plan?
  • Do you battle with login and would prefer to deal with a human?
  • Are you so frustrated with call centres - who promise everything, but do nothing?
  • Are you still waiting for someone to call you back?
  • Have you problems with unpaid or short-paid claims stuck in the system?

Well, I have the help you want at no cost you - nothing at all!

Medical schemes pay us for helping you. You will pay the same premiums if you use a broker or not.
So, it makes sense then to get advice and help from me and my team who fully understand medical schemes.
We have a dedicated team within the medical scheme and we promote the best schemes in South Africa:

Appoint us as your medical scheme broker at no extra cost and you can use both us and the team to get your concerns sorted!

Please complete and return the MEDICAL APPOINTMENT form to us.
Once appointed, we will be able to investigate your concerns and help you get them fixed.

Is there a danger if I do not review my medical aid?

10 tips on choosing medical aid

Private providers charge way more than medical schemes pay. That is a fact!
Do you know what your medical aid pays private providers?

Don't assume your plan pays everything in-hospital.
Even if you are with the most expensive plan, it still will not pay for everything!

Medical schemes updated their plans every year and you need to be aware of both good and bad benefit changes.

What type of health plan should I have?

Obviously, cost is a big factor when looking at the types of cover you can get.

A comprehensive medical aid is the best, but may be out of your budget.

Medical schemes have a variety of plans form which to choose and with our professional help, we can find a plan that best suits your needs and pocket!

10 tips on choosing medical aid

Most medical aid members will tell you it is vital to have a top up with your medical plan.

But, that is not always the case.
If you use linked providers, they are normally paid in full by the medical aid.
And all medical schemes should pay hospital and theatre wards in full.

So the need for a Top Up needs to be properly evaluated against the benefits of the medical plan you have.

And we can do this for you.

Are you paying for benefits you don't need?

We will offer you the BEST HELP FOR FREE!

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At NO COST TO YOU, we will help you!
We will offer you the BEST HELP FOR FREE!

income protectionMedical aid pays healthcare costs.
What if a disability STOPS your income?

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