Affordable Medical Aid Paying Essential Dentistry
and not from Your Savings.


A affordable medical aid plan with excellent in and out of hospital benefits, as well as paying essential dentistry costs from risk and not your savings!

Comprehensive benefits for unlimited in-hospital planned and emergency admissions, (including prescribed minimum benefits).
Savings fund for day-to-day costs.

There are no networks ... you choose your own hospitals, doctors and specialists!

Rated as one of the most successful open medical schemes in South Africa – as measured by the benefits provided vs. contributions, financial stability, membership size and growth, average age of beneficiaries and the service levels provided as indexed on hellopeter.comall Genesis members are in good hands!

One of the best value-for-money medical scheme options in South Africa, per the most recent GTC Healthcare Consulting medical aid survey.

Lowest contribution increase of all open schemes for 10 consecutive years, only 5% for 2024!

Genesis contributions start from R 3,000 pm - for a full medical aid!

Genesis is a great scheme, because it pays for:

Genesis medical aid

The Private Comprehensive plan has a savings fund to use for day-to-day costs.

A portion of your premium goes into a fund for paying out of hospital costs.
Every 3 months, you are allocated funds to your savings (added to any balance in that account).

Although the plan pays in-hospital costs at 2 times medical aid rates, private providers can charge more than this rate!
in order to prevent shortfalls with in-hospital costs, please look at adding a Gap cover/ Top-up plan (from R350 pm).
You will then have unlimited private hospital cover, paying up to 5 times medical scheme rates.

This is the only medical aid - we know of - that offers dentistry benefits paid by the scheme!

hospital plan7 more reasons to join Genesis!

  1. Genesis is one of 5 (of 22) open medical schemes in South Africa that is self-administered.
    Apart from the indirect benefit of significant cost savings on administration fees, you don’t pay vat on administration fees; hence it has been able to boast the lowest annual contribution increases of all schemes in the open scheme market, for the past 10 consecutive years!
  2. Child rates are amongst the lowest in the market.
  3. In yet another recent survey conducted by Towers Watson, (a leading global professional services company), the private choice hospital plan and the private comprehensive plans, stood out as absolute market leaders amongst the 181 open medical scheme benefit options compared in this survey!
  4. A free smartphone application allows you to to stay in touch and up to date - managing your most important medical aid information from the palm of your hand - 24/7.
  5. Due to a consistent, excellent financial performance , the scheme is able to boast a very high claim paying ability to help put your mind at rest that claims will be paid.
  6. Every member is treated as a real person, by another real person.
  7. You will not find a better medical aid anywhere!

Why are you not a member yet?

Premiums from an incredible:

Member - R 3,000 pm with R 9,000 savings.

2 adults - R 6,000 pm with R 18,000 savings.

Family - R 7,220 pm with R 18,000 savings.

For full in hospital benefits consider adding a top-up plan from R351 pm

Benefits are plan dependant.

Too expensive for your budget?

Consider only in hospital and essential dental cover!

Single - R 1,530 pm

2 adults - R 3,060 pm

Family of 4 - R 4,040 pm

For full in hospital benefits consider adding a top-up plan from R 272 pm.

This is the lowest, unlimited private hospital only benefit plan know of!

Genesis applicationGenesis application

top-upPrivate healthcare providers can charge up to 500% of medical scheme rates.
Medical aids add procedure co-payments as well.
These are significant concerns for medical aid members.

Protect yourself against these potential threats, by joining a GAP or top-up insurance plan.

This separate insurance will cover most in-hospital claim shortfalls and any co-payments. It is a vital safety net, ensuring you have adequate benefits for medical treatments without bearing the full burden of unexpected costs.

Protect yourself from soaring medical expenses by bridging the gap between medical scheme rates and the charges imposed by private providers.

dentalSpecialised Dental treatments can be extremely expensive!
The costs of braces, root canal, implants and so on, can run into thousands of rand. Most treatments are done out of hospital, so are funded from your savings. That can result in less money available for other medical needs and family limits being used on one member only!

Dental treatment is something we all need and it is vital you consider the Best Dental Insurance Plan in South Africa.

No Medical Aid or have a Hospital Plan only? This plan will help you meet the high costs of both normal and specialised dentistry!

medical aid quote What is the cost?

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income protectionMedical aid pays healthcare costs.
What if a disability stops your income?

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