The Best, Affordable Medical Aid with Low Premiums and High Benefits.

Finally, a healthcare Plan that won't leave you battling to meet high premiums. Yet it offers excellent in and out of hospital benefits.

This is a leading medical scheme in South Africa, that will provide you with access to exceptional healthcare funding benefits at very, very affordable rates!

A Comprehensive hea plan that covers you in-hospital for approved planned, emergency, (including Prescribed Minimum Benefits PMBs), private hospital admissions.

While your focus should be on getting better, it will provide you with the welcome peace of mind that your hospital and related accounts will be taken care of.

GENESIS contributions start from R 2,225 pm in 2019 - for a FULL Medical Aid!

genesis medical aid

Why GENESIS is a great scheme.


Hospital and related accounts (theatre, ward, x-rays, MRI and CT scans, pathology, physiotherapy, blood transfusion, medicines, etc.) in full - up to 200% of medical aid rates.

Intensive, general and high care wards of a private hospital, day clinic or even the recovery room charges of an unattached operating theatre.

Specialists and Doctors who work in the hospital.

Surgical procedures done in doctors’ rooms.

Longer-term treatments like Cancer, Stroke, Organ transplant

Emergency evacuation

Chronic medication

No annual limits.
It does not force you to use a network of providers.
Nor does it have copayments.

It pays out of hospital costs from a savings account or set benefits (depending on the plan you choose)

3 dental oral examinations,
6 fillings,
Unlimited extractions,
6 plain x-rays for conservative dentistry,
2 root canal treatments,
Limited crowns, dentures or bridges, surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth.

All paid by the medical aid and not your day-to-day benefits!

There are 2 plans with differing amounts for day-to-day costs. One has a savings account, the other a combination of savings and set benefits.

Both plans pay in-hospital costs at 2 times medical aid rates! However, private providers can charge what they want, often up to 5 times these rates!

So, you do need to consider adding the separate GAP COVER and TOP UP PLAN (R350 pm) to get unlimited private hospital cover, paying up to 5 times medical scheme rates.

This is the only medical aid - we know of - that offers dentistry benefits paid by the scheme!

genesis medical aid

8 more reasons to join!

Genesis is one of 5 (of 22) open medical schemes in South Africa that is self-administered.
Apart from the indirect benefit of significant cost savings on administration fees, you don’t pay VAT on administration fees; hence it has been able to boast the lowest annual contribution increases of all schemes in the open scheme market, for the past 7 consecutive years!

Child rates are amongst the lowest in the market.

It is rated as the best value-for-money medical scheme in South Africa. GTC Healthcare Consulting 2017’s Medical Aid Survey.

In yet another recent survey conducted by Towers Watson, (a leading global professional services company), the Private Choice hospital plan and the Private Comprehensive plans, stood out as absolute market leaders amongst the 181 open medical scheme benefit options compared in this survey!

A FREE Smartphone Application allows you to to stay in touch and up to date - managing your most important medical aid information from the palm of your hand - 24/7.

As a result of the consistent financial performance of the Scheme, the scheme is able to boast a very high claim paying ability to help put your mind at rest that claims will be paid.

Every member is treated as a real person, by another real person.

Rated as one of the top 5 most successful medical schemes in the country – as measured by the benefits vs contributions levied, solvency and net healthcare result (in other words, financial stability), membership size, the average age of beneficiaries and the service levels provided to members - you will not find a better medical aid anywhere!

Why are you not a member yet?

Add the GAP COVER and TOP UP PLAN to get unlimited private hospital cover,
paying up to 5 times medical scheme rates, with dentistry benefits and savings for day-to-day costs ...

From an incredible:

Single - R 2,225 + Top Up R 350
= R 2,575 pm

2 Adults - R 4,450 + Top Up R 350
= R 4,800 pm

Fam of 4 - R 5,360 pm + Top Up R 350
= R 5,710 pm

Benefits are plan dependent.

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