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The Time to Join a Medical Aid has NEVER been more important!

"As of July 20, 2020, confirmed cases of COVID-19 on a single day in South Africa amounted to 9,300, which is an indication that the number of infections are still growing exceptionally. Total cases passed the 370,000 and reached its highest at 373,628, which is the highest volume of confirmed cases compared to other African countries.

Do you need more convincing than these statistics?

People do not die from Covid-19.
They die because co-morbidities (multiple co-existing diseases are worsened by this virus.

COVID-19 is a new disease.
Currently there is limited data and information about the impact of underlying medical conditions and whether they increase the risk for severe illness from COVID-19.

Based on what we know at this time, people with the following conditions people of any age with the following conditions are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19:

And might be at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 with:

Treating any of these conditions COSTS MONEY!!

why need medical aid

Yes, you can go to a state facility, which increasingly is becoming a “field hospital,” at no charge.

But, you face the risk of not being properly treated because oxygen is running short of supply, not enough mechanical ventilators are available, ICU beds are running out and more threats every day.

Dr David Stead an Infectious Diseases specialist and Head of Medicine in East London says, "We have been offering very little intensive care for Covid and that is some of the hard decisions I have to make. It's generally younger patients without comorbidities that would be candidates."

Is that a risk you are happy to accept?

If not, you are going to have to finance your own private care. And with costs exceeding R350 000 for ICU oxygen therapy – per a leading medical aid - you better be wealthy!


With plans available from as little as R 439 pm (income-related premiums) you are crazy not to investigate it!

Momentum Health Ingwe Network Plan.

momentum evolve planFor a start they understand that the last thing their members need to worry about at a time like this is how their medical scheme covers the treatment of COVID-19.

They will send communication to members, to inform them that if they test positive for COVID-19, they will pay all the treatment costs, including pathology tests, medication, x-rays and other required treatment.

They will also pay for the cost of the test, provided the member is presenting with an acute respiratory infection, has been in close contact with a confirmed case and their treating doctor referred them for the test.

Then, this plan offers you:


A Day-to-day benefit provides for out of hospital medical expenses. There is no savings fund, instead there are set benefits with limits.

A Chronic Illness benefit covers 26 Listed life-threatening conditions that need ongoing treatment.

There are Disease Management Programmes to help you live with your condition.

Lastly, a Health Platform Benefit that encourages health awareness, enhances the quality of life and gives peace of mind through: • preventative care and early detection • maternity programme • management of certain diseases • health education and advice; and • local emergency evacuation.

Yes, this affordable plan has more than enough cover to meet any of the above-mentioned co-morbidity threats to you!

Get the peace of mind you need to reduce your stress and help your immune system beat this virus!


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