The Time to Join a Medical Aid has
never been more important – than now!


Why You Should Consider Joining a Medical Aid Right Now!

why need medical aid

Joining a Medical Aid is super important – especially now!!

"As of October, 2021, confirmed cases of COVID-19 in South Africa amounted to nearly 3,000,000. Total reported deaths are 88 500. We have experienced 3 pandemic waves and expect the 4th shortly.

"Evidence has clearly shown that vaccinated people have less chance of hospital admissions and death." University of Cape Town

But wait, is there more to know?

People don't just pass away because of COVID-19 alone. It's often because they already have other health issues that get worse because of this virus. Since COVID-19 is new, we don't have all the info we need about how it affects people with other medical problems..

Based on what we know now, folks with the following conditions are more likely to get very sick from COVID-19:

And some might also be at risk if they have:

Treating any of these conditions costs money!

why need medical aidSure, you can go to a public hospital for free.
But, there might not be enough oxygen or ventilators, or even enough beds.
It's a risk, right?

Dr David Stead an Infectious Diseases specialist and Head of Medicine in East London says, "We have been offering very little intensive care for Covid and that is some of the hard decisions I have to make. It's generally younger patients without co morbidities that would be candidates."

Is that a risk you're happy with? If not, you might need to pay for private healthcare. But that can be crazy expensive! ICU oxygen therapy alone can cost more than R350,000, according to a big medical aid.

Or, you could join a affordable, low-cost medical aid!

With plans available from as little as R 541 pm (income-related premiums) you are crazy not to investigate it!

Take Momentum Health's Ingwe network plan, for example...

momentum evolve planMomentum knows that their members shouldn't have to worry about COVID-19 treatment costs. If you test positive, they'll cover everything, from tests to meds to x-rays.

They will send communication to members, to inform them that if they test positive for COVID-19, they will pay all the treatment costs, including pathology tests, medication, x-rays and other required treatment.

They will also pay for the cost of the test, provided the member is presenting with an acute respiratory infection, has been in close contact with a confirmed case and their treating doctor referred them for the test.

Plus, you get:


A Day-to-day benefit provides for out of hospital medical expenses. There is no savings fund, instead there are set benefits with limits.

A Chronic Illness benefit covers 26 Listed life-threatening conditions that need ongoing treatment.

There are Disease Management Programmes to help you live with your condition.

And there's more!
They have a Health Platform Benefit that helps you stay healthy and gives you peace of mind.
It includes things like: • preventative care and early detection • maternity programme • management of certain diseases • health education and advice; and • local emergency evacuation.

For just R541 a month, this plan is a great way to protect yourself from COVID-19 and other health problems!

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top-upPrivate healthcare providers can charge up to 500% of medical scheme rates.
Medical aids add procedure co-payments as well.
These are significant concerns for medical aid members.

Protect yourself against these potential threats, by joining a GAP or top-up insurance plan.

This separate insurance will cover most in-hospital claim shortfalls and any co-payments. It is a vital safety net, ensuring you have adequate benefits for medical treatments without bearing the full burden of unexpected costs.

Protect yourself from soaring medical expenses by bridging the gap between medical scheme rates and the charges imposed by private providers.

dentalSpecialised Dental treatments can be extremely expensive!
The costs of braces, root canal, implants and so on, can run into thousands of rand. Most treatments are done out of hospital, so are funded from your savings. That can result in less money available for other medical needs and family limits being used on one member only!

Dental treatment is something we all need and it is vital you consider the Best Dental Insurance Plan in South Africa.

No Medical Aid or have a Hospital Plan only? This plan will help you meet the high costs of both normal and specialised dentistry!

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You must consult the schemes/company product brochures and rules for comprehensive benefit descriptions.

We will offer you the best help at no cost!

income protectionMedical aid pays healthcare costs.
What if a disability stops your income?

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