Healthcard for Medical Aid savings.

Control your costs using a debit card.

Control your healthcare costs.

Medical Aid Savings Debit Health CardManage your day-to-day savings.

Medical Aid is expensive and the more money you need for out of hospital costs, the higher your premium!

Savings are your money and part of the premium you pay, however you can't use it as you want to! Yes, you do get a year's worth up front, BUT THEY CHARGE YOU FOR THAT!
So, before you have even spent a cent, you already have reduced funds!

This is why the HEALTH DEBIT CARD is so popular:

  • Allows you full control over your healthcare expenses.

  • It is valid at any medical service provider with a point-of-sale terminal facility.

  • It will safeguard you, and your family, against unforeseen medical expenses and emergencies.

  • It is independent of any medical aid.

  • Multiple secondary cards, linked to the same account, are Also, available for loved ones, making it an ideal healthcare solution for families where all members do not reside together, such as with students.

  • Funding the card is quick and easy through EFT, over the counter or debit order deposits.

  • Why you should get a Zurreal Healthcard:

    - Not linked to any specific medical scheme, so helps where you cannot afford a full medical aid.

    - Provides savings for shortfalls and copayments from a medical scheme.

    - Provides additional savings where your medical scheme benefits have been depleted.

    - Market-related interest on credit balances.

    - You can withdraw your money whenever you need to - not like medical aid savings.
    - You control your funds as they can only be paid for medical costs.

    The HEALTH DEBIT CARD works the same as most medical aids saving accounts - except that you pay for all out of hospital treatments using your Health Card!

    Why not reduce your medical aid premium?

    Get a Hospital ONLY benefit plan (with dental benefits) and a debit Healthcard to help pay for your day-to-day costs.

    It really is the ONLY way to control the high costs of medical aid!
    You control your money and protect against your highest financial threat - private hospitalisation!
    It compliments a Hospital Plan by providing a savings fund for those day-to-day and unforeseen out-of-hospital expenses.

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