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What is Medical Aid in South Africa?

Unforeseen medical costs could very easily bankrupt you.
Or, if you could not afford proper treatment, you would have to use state resources and receive the host of concerns that brings.
Maybe you would never fully recover?
In order to get the best healthcare you can, you need money and medical aid will provide that for you!

It is really an insurance plan that you pay a monthly premium for. The benefits - when you claim from that plan - will allow you to pay for the medical treatment you may need. If you fall ill or have an accident, you can then get the best care available.

Why do I need Medical Aid?

South Africa has an extremely poor public health service. And it does not seem to be improving.
If you don’t want to have to rely on a dysfunctional state health system, you need a medical aid. It is the only way you can possibly afford the thousands of Rands private health services require. Medical aid protects you from having to pay large unexpected sums of money out of your own pocket should you need medical help. It also means you can get treatment quickly, without needing to wait until you have the money available, vital in an emergency!
At the very least, you need a hospital only benefit medical aid.
You can probably get away with other non-essential care out of your own pocket.
But for emergencies and big procedures, you need to be covered!

How to join a medical aid

Does joining a Medical plan seem to be a very complicated procedure? It really is not!
Get step by step advice on what you should do when becoming a member.

Medical aid questions

medical aid questionsInvestigating which medical scheme is the best in South Africa is a very difficult task!
Understanding how medical cover works can be confusing!

These articles will help you understand what medical insurance is and how it works.
From why you need a plan to advice on joining a plan.

It is all here for oversimple and easy to understand ...

help with medical plans

Help with your existing Medical Aid plan.

Discovery Health




Momentum Health

help with medical aid

Do you need help understanding your medical aid benefits and limits?

  • Are you, wanting to compare your current benefits with another medical scheme?
  • Do you have endless problems with the administration of your plan?
  • Are you so frustrated with call centres - who promise everything, but do nothing?
  • Are you still waiting for someone to call you back?
  • Have you problems with unpaid or short-paid claims stuck in the system?
  • Let us assist you at NO CHARGE!
    Your medical scheme pays us to help you, SO USE US!

    choose medical aid10 TIPS ON CHOOSING A MEDICAL PLAN.
  • Which medical plan should you join?
  • What should you look for in a new plan?
  • How much can you afford?
  • How medical aids pay claims.
  • How to choose the best plan.
  • Here are 10 Tips to help you choose a medical scheme to suit your needs and pocket!

    reduce medical aid cost


    Are you, like so many medical scheme members, struggling to meet the cost of your plan?

    Here are some excellent ideas and methods to reduce your cost and keep your valuable healthcare plan.

    dental insurance plan


  • Tired of being out of pocket for dental treatment?
  • Do you have only a hospital plan and need dental benefits?
  • Get basic and specialised dental cover at a price that suits your needs!
  • The first time in South Africa that Dentistry cover is offered, outside of a medical scheme.
    Now that's something to get your teeth into!

    gap top up


  • Are you sure your healthcare plan will pay for everything in-hospital?
  • If you use private providers in-hospital, the chances are they will charge more than your medical plan pays.
  • Do you have co payments for certain in-hospital treatments like scans or operations?
  • A Gap or Top Up plan will pay these for you!
    Get the advice you want to ensure you really have 100% full private hospital cover!

    medical aid broker

    Best, Licensed Medical Aid Broker

    Healthcare is a complicated, but extremely important part of your life. You cannot expect to fully understand the complicated language used by Medical Schemes!
    What medical plan you decide to join can have far-reaching effects on your and your family's finances!

    You need to have the best plan to suit your needs and pocket. And we will help you do just that!

    We will offer you the BEST HELP FOR FREE!

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