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Quality, easy-to-understand information and advice on MEDICAL AID, HOSPITAL PLANS and GAP COVER from a professional and fully licensed broker.

There are so many healthcare companies in South Africa it is difficult to know which is the best, affordable Medical Scheme to join.

Do You want the best Medical Aid information? Well, here is all you need - in one place.
No need for you to spend hours on the Internet!

Choosing and joining a healthcare plan is not easy exercise! There is a lot of information you need to go through and be aware of.
That can be confusing and take a long time to understand.
These pages will answer your questions and offer you in-depth information to make you feel secure that you have (and understand) the best plan for your needs.

Use the links to get the advice you want.
And if you have concerns or questions please CONTACT US!
That is why we are here!

medical aid

What is Medical Aid in South Africa?

Healthcare expenses can be the most expensive we have to pay!
Medical cover is designed to help you meet pay those unexpected costs.
But, we face an information overload when it comes to looking at medical aid plans!
This site is designed to make your choosing a medical aid plan simple and quick.

How does it work?
Waiting periods.
Late Joiner Penalties.
How Your Claims are Paid.
What is PMB?

These and other questions are explained in basic, easy to understand terms.
And should you need to ask questions, we are here to answer them for you!

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Frequent Questions on Medical Aid

No one said investigating healthcare plans is easy!
Understanding medical cover can be time consuming and confusing!

The questions you may ask are not unique! We all need to know what we are getting for the money we are spending.

- Why is choosing a medical aid plan such a complicated exercise?

- Are you suffering from an overload of information making a decision impossible?

- What type of questions should you ask?

- Where can you find correct and understandable advice?

Here are answers for some of the more common questions you may have.


types of healthcare plans

Different Types of Plans

Medical schemes have different plans for you to consider and the extent of the benefits they offer, determines the price or contribution you will pay.

Plans vary from fully comprehensive (and the most expensive) to basic cover (very affordable) that are linked to what you earn.

They all are designed to help you afford the finest medical care you can get.

It may be an alternative to look at "insuring" for your greatest healthcare risk, by joining a hospital only benefit plan?
Or, if you have needs for high out of hospital costs, you may need a comprehensive plan?

Here is where the benefits of different plans are explained.

See what they can offer you.

types of plans



Obviously, one of the most important aspects of healthcare is the cost!
Once you do that, you can then look for a plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Get an idea of how much a medical aid plan in South Africa will cost.

Use these enquiry pages to submit request for FREE information on these specific medical schemes and plans.

Get the answer you seek and then do a comparison to find one that you may wish to join.

We can help you with the whole process - from application to acceptance - AT NO ADDED COST!


medical schemes

Medical Aid Schemes we Support

There are 80 Medical Aid schemes in South Africa!
It is an impossible task for you to investigate all of them.

Rather look at this page, which lists the top healthcare insurance companies in South Africa we promote.

Select the ones that interest you and get further information on what they offer, quickly and easily!

Save your time and frustration spent on the Internet!
Use our professional services - at no cost!

medical aid schemes

gap top up

Gap or Top Up Plans

Private healthcare is the best you can get, but it is expensive. Unfortunately, many medical aids do not pay full private rates in hospital. The costs would be too high if they did.

Medical Schemes also have in-hospital procedure co-payments.

A Top Up or Gap plan will prevent you having to pay for an expensive claim shortfall or procedure co-payment!

Every medical aid member should have a Top Up plan.
It is too late to join when you are in hospital!

gap top up

dental plan

The Best Dental plan available!

After hospital, dental costs are the second highest healthcare financial threat we face.
Generally, medical schemes do not cover these expenses fully, so the need to consider additional cover is vital.

This plan will help pay for dental procedures your medical aid plan does not cover.

Or if you do not have a medical aid, it will assist you paying those costs yourself.

dental plan

blog - Blog

Healthcare is a complicated and dynamic industry.

Because it is such a critical part of your life, you need to be able to get the latest news about medical aid and how it affects you - in short and easy to understand articles.

Take a look at these informative articles from medical aid information to general healthcare tips

Knowledge is power. The more you know, the less confusing this industry becomes!


join medical schemes

How to join a Medical Aid.

Joining a Medical scheme is really not a difficult exercise!

Get step by step advice on what you should do to becoming a member.

- Find the right medical aid for you.

- Become a member of a plan.

- In fact, everything you need to do!

how to join medical aid

coronavirus is taking my money

Corona-virus Lock-down is Taking My Money

Our income is under threat. We all need to cut or costs.

But before you terminate your medical aid, please consider this advice

coronavirus is taking my money

medical aid broker

Why Use Me?

I am Peter Pyburn, an Approved Financial and Medical Aid Broker.
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I am a fully licenced, registered broker with Masthead, Financial Intermediaries Association, Council for Medical Schemes. is my unique website on Medical Aid in South Africa.

I'll give you 100% accurate and truthful information. You can confirm my accreditations!

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